What kind of service do you offer?

Full in home care for your pets. Exercising, feeding, change water every trip, playtime and lots of petting, tailored to your specifications and schedule. We also care for your home, turning on/off lights, opening/closing blinds, security checks, windows, doors and fences.

What can I expect while you are in my home?

Respect, courtesy and cleanliness. We strive to be in your home with same respect as I would want in my home. We do our best for you to not notice we were there while you are away. Cleaning messes that pets do tend to make, cleaning food and water bowls. We always make sure doors and windows are lock, and your pets are secure before we leave.

Will you walk our dogs?

Yes. We can walk them in conjunction with the service, or separately. We have clients that don’t need any services and just want the dogs walked. Others that need all services and walking too. We can do walks without any service on a walking only service.

Can you care for pets other then dogs and cats?

Yes. Birds, snakes, hamsters and most all caged pets can be cared for to your specifications.

Will you get my mail?

Yes. Mail and newspaper pickup is part of the service, along with watering inside and potted plants to give your home the “Lived in Look”.

Do you kennel or board pets?

No. We believe that pets left at home are best in most cases. They may get a little lonely but they will feel at home and comfortable with their own bed and toys/yard to play with. But if the pet becomes ill, we can bring them to our home if 24 hr care is needed.

Can we meet you before leaving?

Yes. We offer a free consultation that is mandatory before we can care for your pets. This gives us and chance to meet, feel comfortable and go over the needs of the pets and location of things we will need to care for them.

Are you insured?

Yes. We carry a million dollar liability policy with P.S.A LLC. This policy covers everything from major liability to a lost of a key. We are also a licensed business in Butte County.

My dog takes medications from time to time. Will you administer meds?

Yes. Oral meds can be given as prescribed as long as they are in a pill container showing doses.

What happens if there is a problem while we are gone?

If a medical emergency comes up, you will be the first phone call made, second to your Vet. If emergency transportation is needed we will provide that and any extra time needed to solve the emergency, all at an added cost. If a home emergency comes up, fire, theft ECT, the police will be called first, you would be second. We will do our best to secure the property until your person on file can come.